BBB Study: Employment Scams Update

Job seekers, beware. In the first three months of 2023, Better Business Bureau (BBB) Scam Tracker received reported losses of nearly $840,000, up over 250% compared to last year. With a median loss of over $1,500 during that timeframe, job hunters tell BBB the financial impact is devastating. 

Since BBB issued the 2021 study, Job Scams: BBB study finds job scams increased during the pandemic and warns job seekers to verify employment offers to avoid illegal jobs, identity theft, and fake checks, the blistering pace at which fraudsters ensnare the public in employment scams has increased each year, according to BBB data. In extreme cases, some individuals found themselves in a deep financial hole with little recourse. 

So, how do these employment scams work? How can job seekers avoid them and what are the red flags that everyone should be on the lookout for? The BBB answers all of these questions in a new article here.

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