BBB Business Tip: Protecting Your Business Social Media Phishing Scams

Scammers know that your online reputation can dramatically affect your business. That’s why they will often target your social media profiles with fake copyright infringement notices that prompt you to share your social media credentials.

How the Scam Works

You receive an official-looking email or a direct message on Instagram or another social media platform. The message claims that you have violated the platform’s copyright terms. You must complete a form immediately, or “your account will be deleted in 24 hours.” Sometimes, the scammer may send you an email that appears to come directly from Instagram. In other variations, the fake message comes from the account you allegedly infringed upon.

So, how do you prevent yourself for falling for this and other social media scams? The Better Business Bureau (BBB) team has six ways to help you avoid common social media scams in a new article here.

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