City of Joplin Celebrates Local Government Week from May 7 to 13, 2023

(Joplin, MO) – Local government has a direct impact on each of us in Joplin, every day. Working together, your cities, counties, and schools are the backbone of the community. Missouri celebrates Local Government Week May 7-13, 2023.

In Joplin, there are many examples of local government serving the community. Some of these are noticed daily as we hear the sirens of our public safety departments rushing to assist citizens in a traffic accident or a fire, or we stop behind a school bus as we watch children safely climb on board. Other roles and responsibilities may not be recognized until there is a glitch or problem in the system, such as traffic lights not working properly or a neighborhood experiencing sewer issues when a wastewater pump station malfunctions. Meanwhile, other City of Joplin programs and areas are popular for the amenities, conveniences, and reassurance they provide, such as Joplin Parks and Recreation activities and programs, the Recycling Center, the Leaf Pick-Up Program, the Health Department’s Vaccinations, Animal Control, MAPS Transit, Joplin Visitors Bureau, Joplin Regional Airport, and Restaurant Inspections completed by Joplin Health Department. (And this doesn’t include operational services such as planning and zoning, building inspections and permitting, community development, utility billing, and business licensing, among others.)

The City of Joplin employs more than 550 people with 40-plus departments and divisions providing services, programs, and guidance for residents, businesses, and visitors throughout the year.

Local government is always the form of government closest to the people, working for them, and working with them to ensure a safe and enjoyable quality of life for residents. Citizens are the foundation of a community and local government as they volunteer to serve on boards and committees and run for local offices. When asked about local government services in the community, some responses are simply defined as:

Local Government Is…

  • Law enforcement patrolling your street or county road.
  • Your local roads are cleared of snow in winter, and the potholes are fixed in the spring.
  • Crossing guards helping your children safely cross the street on the way to school.
  • The first responders to a fire, traffic accident or emergency.
  • Your favorite park that offers safe playground areas and walking trails.
  • Cleared stormwater drains to allow rainfall to flow efficiently off neighborhood streets and roadways.
  • Your friends and neighbors serving on a board setting a direction for the department or area.
  • The convenience of trash service right at your curb.

Throughout the year, dedicated officials and local government employees work to keep the Joplin community running smoothly. We appreciate the State of Missouri for recognizing May 7–13 as Local Government Week, giving all of us an opportunity to say thank you to the hundreds in our area who work in various capacities serving our community.


Lynn Iliff Onstot, Public Information Officer
City of Joplin
417.624.0820, ext. 204

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