Rapha International: Does Education Matter?

Survivor Care is complex and multifaceted. Rapha International has identified four Keys to Freedom. Education is one of those Keys.

When a child is trafficked, their childhood is taken from them. The care-free fun with friends, the birthday parties, the life lessons watching mom and dad, and also their education.

Unlike some of her peers, Chan deeply loved going to school. She hoped to be a teacher when she grew up, like her aunt. When she was eight years old on her way home from school, Chan accepted a ride from an older man from her village. It was about ten minutes into the ride that Chan realized they were not heading to her home, but towards the city. Confused, but trusting, Chan stayed in the back of the truck until they stopped in front of a brothel. She was taken to a room with three other underage girls and told to obey the brothel owner.

When Chan came into Rapha’s care, she told her counselor about how she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up, but was afraid that she wouldn’t be as smart as her classmates because she had missed almost an entire year of school. Chan needed a tutor to help her catch up to her grade level.

It costs $500 a year to provide the necessary education for one girl in Rapha’s care. Rapha would like the community to consider giving $500 (around $42 a month) to provide education and other needs to girls like Chan. Donate here and learn more about Chan’s story of healing here.

About Rapha International:

The mission of Rapha International is to end the trafficking, exploitation, and abuse of children, one child at a time, through aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and engagement for everyone.


Rapha International


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