Crowder College Training & Development Solutions to Host Three-Day Advanced Robotics Training December 19 to 21

Crowder College’s Training & Development Solutions will host an advanced robotics training course over the course of three days from December 19 to 21.

This course covers advanced programming techniques, without having to use a teach pendant. Participants will also learn about PLC and robot digital inputs and outputs and ethernet connections to interface with a PLC and HMI, and material handling from one cell to another. The training will be held at the Joplin Advanced Training & Technology Center. Please note that Introduction to Robotics is a prerequisite for this class.

Details for the course’s topics are included below.

Robotic Programming:

  • Writing and downloading a program from a computer to the robot.
  • How a robot’s digital inputs and outputs work.
  • How to interface them with a PLC program.

Robot Operation:

  • Control of the robot from an operator panel and HMI.
  • Monitoring the status of the robot.
  • Controlling the robot’s movements based on exterior conditions.
  • Recovering from robot fault conditions.
  • Using the Amatrol Factory Floor machine to move parts through a series of cells.

This course is eligible for Missouri One Start Reimbursement for Eligible Companies. To register or learn more, click here.


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