Midwestern Interactive Announces Sole CEO and COO Roles

(Joplin, MO) – Midwestern Interactive has announced the sole ownership acquisition by Matthew Johnson, who will serve as Chief Executive Officer, starting on July 1, 2022. Bart Paden will remain active on staff and transition into Chief Operations Officer.

“There is a heavy weight on co-owners of a rapidly growing business. It made sense for Midwestern that a sole leader take the helm. As we transition, my role is to support Matt as he continues to lead the way for Midwestern’s future,” said Paden.

As they look to the future, Midwestern is on track to grow at a record pace for the foreseeable future. The company currently employs 100+ people from Joplin and Springfield and anticipates providing significant economic development for their existing and future locations.

About Midwestern Interactive:

Midwestern Interactive was established ten years ago in July 2012 by co-founders Matt Johnson and Bart Paden to be a solutions provider of software, apps, and websites for organizations and businesses. It began with just the two owners and now has a staff more than 100 and locations in both the Joplin and Springfield, Missouri area. They serve businesses on a national level but work hard to maintain the heart and one-on-one service you would find in a local business. Their mission: Serve each other. Serve our clients. To learn more, visit their website here.


Veronica Smith, Content Creator and Copywriter
Midwestern Interactive

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