Colbert Lawn Service’s Winning Tips for July 2022

For over four decades, Colbert Lawn Service has exceeded customer expectations in Joplin. The company is always happy to share their wisdom and experience to help community members have the best lawns and yards possible. And now, they are offering winter season tips!

Most Joplin homeowners love having a green and gorgeous lawn. Sometimes this can be a bit of a challenge without experience or knowledgeable advice. The good news is that help is available. For over 40 years, Colbert Lawn Service has served the Joplin community, building a remarkably positive reputation.

In exciting news, building off of those winning relationships, the team at Colbert Lawn Service is now sharing monthly tips on how to have the best lawn possible.

This month’s advice focuses on weed and pest control, because now is the time of year when these tasks become most challenging.

Control Lawn Grubs

If you notice dead patches of grass that you can peel up like carpet, you might have lawn grubs. These destructive pests are white, c-shaped, and can grow as big as the size of a quarter. They like to feast on soil and grass roots and damage your beautiful lawn. To get rid of them, it’s important to kill the grubs before they hatch, which is usually in the middle of summer. First, apply a preventative grub control killer, then water the area immediately to activate the product. If it’s late summer and they’ve already hatched, use a product that kills on contact.

Manage Weed Control

If you notice a couple of weeds in your grass, chances are there are more to come. They multiply quickly, and before you know it, your whole lawn has been infected. Larger weeds can be removed by hand, but if the weeds have started to take over your entire yard, you’ll need a post-emergent weed killer. Make sure to get a selective, broad-leaf herbicide, which targets weeds without damaging the grass.

Specialties from Colbert include highlights like lawn maintenance, tree planting, beautiful and functional natural fences, landscape design, general gardening, and much more.

Reviews for the company’s services continue to be completely positive — check their website for testimonials.

For more information or to get a quote, be sure to visit or call 417.437.7728.


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