Colbert Lawn Service’s Winning Tips for December 2021


For over four decades, Colbert Lawn Service has exceeded customer expectations in Joplin. The company is always happy to share their wisdom and experience to help community members have the best lawns and yards possible. And now, they are offering winter season tips! 

Most Joplin homeowners love having a green and gorgeous lawn. When winter arrives, a different challenge comes with shoveling snow and melting icy driveways. The good news is help is available! For over 40 years, Colbert Lawn Service has served the Joplin community, building a remarkably positive reputation.

In exciting news, building off of those winning relationships, the team at Colbert Lawn Service is now sharing monthly tips on how to have the best lawn possible.

When the driveway and walkways are coated in a thick blanket of snow, it is time to get a shovel out for what some consider to be a dreaded chore. But before you tackle the first snowfall of the season, take some time to read these snow-shoveling safety tips to help avoid any potential injuries.

Snow shoveling can lead to various health risks for many people, from back injuries to heart attacks. The mix of cold temperatures and physical exertion increases the workload for the heart, which may increase the risk of heart attack for some. According to the American Heart Association, even walking through heavy, wet snow can place strain on your heart.

The following tips can help keep you safe when you set out to shovel:

  • Warm up. Warm up your muscles before heading to shovel by doing some light movements, such as bending side-to-side or walking in place.
  • Push rather than lift. Pushing the snow with the shovel instead of lifting can help reduce the strain on your body. When lifting snow, bend your knees and use your legs when possible.
  • Choose your shovel wisely. Ergonomically designed shovels can help reduce the amount of bending that you have to do.
  • Lighten your load. Consider using a lighter, plastic shovel instead of a metal one to help decrease the weight you have to lift.
  • Hit the pause button. Pace yourself and be sure to take frequent breaks. Consider taking a break after 20 to 30 minutes of shoveling, especially when the snow is wet.

Or, have someone else do it instead! Call Colbert Lawn Service; we can take care of snow removal with services for residential and commercial properties.

Reviews for the company’s services continue to be completely positive — check their website for testimonials.

For more information or to get a quote, be sure to visit or call 417.437.7728.


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