2020 Golden Apple Nominees Honored at Reception

131 nominees were recognized at the Golden Apple Reception on February 13. Special thanks to our title sponsor, Liberty Utilities and our presenting sponsor, Missouri Southern State University.

Victoria Baker, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School K-2
Judy Bashor, Irving Elementary School K-2
Leah Blankenship, College Heights Christian School K-2
Meg Carlisle, Jefferson Elementary School K-2
Sarah Chambers, College Heights Christian School K-2
Anne Compton, Irving Elementary School K-2
Erica DuRossette , Royal Heights Elementary School K-2
Kristen Gavenda, Jefferson Elementary School K-2
Carmi Hinman, Royal Heights Elementary School K-2
Chelsey Junker, Jefferson Elementary School K-2
Melissa Kendall , McKinley Elementary School K-2
Leanna Lankford, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School K-2
Desiree Limkeman, College Heights Christian School K-2
Jennifer Lutz, Martin Luther School K-2
Jennifer Matson, Columbia Elementary School K-2
Melissa Miller, Cecil Floyd Elementary School K-2
Kira Mitchell, Jefferson Elementary School K-2
Susan Moore, Irving Elementary School K-2
Stephanie Reither, Cecil Floyd Elementary School K-2
Betty Schoeberl, St. Mary’s Elementary School K-2
Erin Snodgrass, Cecil Floyd Elementary School K-2
Heather Stackhouse, Irving Elementary School K-2
Whitney Terry, Eastmorland Elementary School K-2
Nicole Thorn, Jefferson Elementary School K-2
Amy Tynon, Eastmorland Elementary School K-2
Bethany Walles, Kelsey Norman Elementary School K-2
Tabitha Bogar, College Heights Christian School 3-5
Clayton Carnahan, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 3-5
Brock Compton, West Central Elementary School 3-5
Jennifer Eckhardt, Jefferson Elementary School 3-5
Shelby Frakes, Irving Elementary School 3-5
Ginger Gibson, Jefferson Elementary School 3-5
Kyle Graves, Eastmorland Elementary School 3-5
Kim Grigery, Jefferson Elementary School 3-5
Katie Hargrove, Jefferson Elementary School 3-5
Tylan Harris, Jefferson Elementary School 3-5
Sarah Johnson, Columbia Elementary School 3-5
Lisa Jolley, Soaring Heights Elementary School 3-5
Brandy Lawson, St. Mary’s Elementary School 3-5
Kelly Painter, McKinley Elementary School 3-5
Janet Parker-Spain, Eastmorland Elementary School 3-5
Sally Spieckermann, Eastmorland Elementary School 3-5
Dana Stokesbary, Kelsey Norman Elementary School 3-5
Makayla Armstrong, East Middle School 6-8
Chloe Bell, North Middle School 6-8
Nash Brodsky, North Middle School 6-8
Patrick Bromley, South Middle School 6-8
Cody Brooks, North Middle School 6-8
Brad Byers, North Middle School 6-8
Sarah Clemens, East Middle School 6-8
Cyndi Conway, North Middle School 6-8
Jason Cryer, North Middle School 6-8
Karen Derrickson, South Middle School 6-8
Terrie Dresh, North Middle School 6-8
Abbie Durr, South Middle School 6-8
Anthony Ficken , East Middle School 6-8
Erin Fledderman, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 6-8
Jessica Fletcher, North Middle School 6-8
Amanda Ford , North Middle School 6-8
Casey Funk, East Middle School 6-8
Marica Himes , North Middle School 6-8
Cindy Land, North Middle School 6-8
Debra Lawler, South Middle School 6-8
Ashleigh McFarland, North Middle School 6-8
Darren Morgan, South Middle School 6-8
Kevin Morrow, College Heights Christian School 6-8
Melissa Moseley, North Middle School 6-8
Shannon Neil, East Middle School 6-8
Robin Nelson, East Middle School 6-8
Brooke Nicoletti, East Middle School 6-8
Megan Olson, North Middle School 6-8
Amy Paige, East Middle School 6-8
Kenneth Peters, South Middle School 6-8
Nicole Peters, South Middle School 6-8
Joseph Raffurty, North Middle School 6-8
Lacy Rice, East Middle School 6-8
George Richardson, East Middle School 6-8
Kathleen Rivers, North Middle School 6-8
Crystal Robinson, North Middle School 6-8
Dan Rogers, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 6-8
Lydia Rohner, East Middle School 6-8
Sr. Joan Margret Schwager, St. Peter’s Middle School 6-8
Carmen Seeley, East Middle School 6-8
Cheryl Sieber, North Middle School 6-8
Kim Sparks, Beacon School 6-8
Rory Stadt, South Middle School 6-8
Crystal Stokes, North Middle School 6-8
Tashena Vickers, South Middle School 6-8
Emily Wade, North Middle School 6-8
Courtney Whitehead, South Middle School 6-8
Patrick Wiles, Beacon School 6-8
Jody Williams, North Middle School 6-8
Taylor Williams, College Heights Christian School 6-8
Ginny Yeoman, North Middle School 6-8
Deonna Anderson, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Jennifer Barksdale, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Donald Carey, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Heather Coble , Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Lorin Curtis, Joplin High School 9-12
Lindsay DeWelt , Joplin High School 9-12
Doug Donnel, Joplin High School 9-12
Brad Douglas, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Courtney Escoto, Joplin High School 9-12
Karen Essley, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Drew Fethers, McAuley Catholic High School 9-12
Jeremy Finley, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Joe Flynn, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Josh Franklin, Joplin High School 9-12
Tarryn Gilbert, Joplin High School 9-12
Emma Gilion, Joplin High School 9-12
Phil Gloyer, Joplin High School 9-12
Pam Green, College Heights Christian School 9-12
Ashlee Horton, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Sam Jack, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 9-12
Brian Kelley, Joplin High School 9-12
Gina Lee, Joplin High School 9-12
Al Linden, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Drew Long, Joplin High School 9-12
Misti Meads, Joplin High School 9-12
Christine Movick, Joplin High School 9-12
Hannah New, Joplin High School 9-12
Tim Oster, Joplin High School 9-12
Edith Pringle, Joplin High School 9-12
Levi Reed, Franklin Technology Center 9-12
Monica Reynolds, Joplin High School 9-12
Logan Shaw, Joplin High School 9-12
Marc Smallwood, Joplin High School 9-12
Darbi Stancell, McAuley Catholic High School 9-12
Dereka Swaim, Joplin High School 9-12
Ashley Trotnic, Joplin High School 9-12
Don Turnbull, Franklin Technology Center 9-12

Congratulations to all the outstanding nominees!

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