BBB Webinar: A Guide to Understanding AI

Everyone has been talking about AI. Have you been thinking about what it can do for your business?

Join the Better Business Bureau (BBB) St. Louis and Mix Media on Thursday, March 14 for an exclusive crash course on AI for businesses!

What Will Participants Learn?

  • AI key concepts and definitions that you need to know.
  • How marketing and advertising firms use AI to impact consumer journeys, inspire business growth, and increase market share.
  • AI best practices for internal and external messaging, and how to best empower your team to use AI.
  • Using AI ethically.

Who is Speaking?

Jill Laux, CEO of Mix Media, and Eric Nichols, Minority Partner at Mix Media, will be speaking.

Mix Media is an advertising and marketing consulting firm that specializes in lead generation, brand awareness, and media strategy. They’ve partnered with BBB St. Louis for the past two years guiding their marketing strategy, creating messaging that is targeted to consumers and potential Accredited Businesses, and focusing on lead conversion — all while keeping business ethics as a top priority.

How Much Does the Webinar Cost?

There is no fee associated with this event!

How Can I Register?

Save your spot here.

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