BBB Business Tip: The Most Important Elements of Every Company Website

Your website is the first impression your company will make on potential customers online. Your website is the face of your business and your online marketing strategy. You need a clean, professional, easy-to-navigate site that will help customers find you and drive sales in order to compete with bigger companies that have much larger budgets and more resource

Gaining the trust of your users goes hand in hand with how you design your site. If done well, your website will convert visitors into your most valuable, profitable customers. If it is lacking critical elements, however, you may be missing out on a significant amount of website traffic and potential clients. That’s why it’s vital to consider the most important website elements when working on the initial design and setup process.

So, what elements should your website contain? The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) team covers five important elements that every business website should have here.


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