Joplin City Council Appoints Anthony Monteleone to Fill General Seat Vacancy through April 2024

(Joplin, MO) – Under New Business of the December 4, 2023, City Council meeting, Council members voted and approved Anthony Monteleone to fill the vacant General Seat on the Council. He will serve until the next City Council election in 2024. Twelve citizens had applied to fill this short-term seat.

Monteleone previously served on the City Council for four years, being appointed in May 2018 to fill a general seat through 2020, and then was elected in 2020 to complete the seat’s term through 2022.

Monteleone has lived in Joplin most of his life. He will be sworn in at the next Council meeting on Monday, December 18.

“I am grateful for the Council’s decision, and am excited for the opportunity to serve the people of Joplin for this brief time,” he said.

The Council seat became vacant upon Kate Spencer’s resignation from the Council. The Joplin City Council voted to accept her resignation at the November 20, 2023, Council meeting.

In the April 2, 2024, election, citizens will vote to fill this seat for the remaining two years of this vacated general council position.  For more information, contact the City Clerk at 417.624.0820, ext. 1220.


Lynn Iliff Onstot, Public Information Officer
City of Joplin
417.624.0820, ext. 204

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