BBB Business Tip: Four Easy Ways to Keep Turnover Low and Employees Happy

Exercise for small business owners: Imagine your employees as the headliners of a concert tour. Night after night, they play to adoring fans, thrilling the crowds, and consistently deliver out-of-body experiences. In short, they put on quite a show. But what if one day they weren’t feeling up to it?

As one of your business’s most important assets, it’s natural to think of your team as rock stars. Assuming that’s the case, keeping them happy and productive, motivated, and inspired is important. You want them to feel stress-free, working in an environment that allows them to be at their best. The good news? They can still feel like rock stars without you needing to organize a multi-city arena tour.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) team has four easy ways to keep your turnover low and ensure employees are happy for the long haul. Read them all here.

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