Free I.T. Network Assessment Offered by The Purple Guys

Many businesses come to The Purple Guys in search of more reliable, cost-effective I.T. support. They don’t have the expertise to manage their own infrastructure, or find it cost-prohibitive to hire an in-house I.T. department. The Purple Guys provide secure, prompt, professional IT solutions and support, all for a predictable price.

Our expert technicians serve as an extension of your organization to deliver a suite of I.T. services that will support every aspect of your infrastructure and enable you to focus on your business. To top it off, we have a 97.5% customer approval rating, so you and your team will love working with us!

Call 816.590.7010 today for your complementary cybersecurity network assessment! Click here to see a flyer about their services.


Adam Polk, Technology Consultant
The Purple Guys, LLC

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