BBB Business Tip: Why Putting Employees First Can Help With Business Growth

Employees are your engine. They drive the whole operation: making sales, interacting with customers, and performing their duties. Your business isn’t going anywhere without those things happening. So, it goes without saying that investing in them will not only keep you afloat but set you up for growth and long-term success.

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us about the modern business world, it’s that the human factor is more important than ever. Employees want to feel valued and respected, and this takes some significant engagement. In a recent Forbes Magazine interview, OnShift vice-president Peter Corless outlined that “improved engagement can be done by focusing on four concepts: communication, recognition, support, and growth.”

This engagement is just as important to a business as a solid product. Employees who are happy and satisfied with their work will likely give their best in the challenges they encounter. When given regular encouragement, feedback and recognition, many might even go beyond what they believed themselves capable of. This worker-first mentality contributes to the overall culture of your team while you continue to build a business that is stable and primed to grow.

So, how can a small business owner increase and maintain employee engagement? The Better Business Bureau (BBB) team has six tips on how to keep your employees happy here.

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