Percentage Night at Jefferson’s Restaurant

Jefferson’s Restaurant is happy to announce that they are available to host percentage nights for your organization!

All percentage nights are booked through GroupRaise. To book your night, enter “Joplin” in the home page’s search bar. Click on the Jefferson’s option. From there, you’ll be able to select an available date on Jefferson’s calendar, plug in how many people you plan to invite/expect to attend along with your contact information, and your request will be sent to Jefferson’s for approval.

Guests must mention to their server that they are dining on behalf of your organization so that receipts can be collected at the night and your return can be calculated. To-go orders placed over the phone can also go towards the fundraiser if the customer mentions that they are dining on behalf of your organization.

Jefferson’s is also happy to help with any marketing or advertising for the event as well!


Chelsea Jennings, Operations Support Assistant
Jefferson’s Restaurant

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