One Joplin Summit Planned for October 6, 2022

(Joplin, MO)One Joplin, a community collaborative focused on facilitating communication and collaboration among area organizations, is hosting a planning summit October 6 from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. As the organization celebrates its seventh year, it is asking for community input to collaborate and dream about exciting possibilities for the future of Joplin.

The Summit will help One Joplin’s Core Teams identify future goals, opportunities, and initiatives. Core teams include the Poverty Team, focused on homelessness, social capital, and housing; the Human Services Team, focused on access to care; the Healthy Joplin Team, focused on walking initiatives, workplace wellness, and healthy kids; and the Literacy Team, focused on parent engagement from early childhood to third grade. Past or present One Joplin volunteers and interested community members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Registration is required and can be completed at here.

Recent initiatives include the building of a micro-duplex unit, a sidewalk stencil project encouraging physical activity and promotion through social media platforms, community walking groups, water safety events, a literacy resource drive to collect and distribute books, and the creation of a map to assist individuals in identifying providers for physical and mental health, vision, and dental care, as well as locations to access groceries using SNAP benefits.

At the One Joplin Summit, participants will look back at One Joplin’s successes, connect with volunteers across teams, and work together to envision new opportunities for the future. Nicole Brown, Executive Director of One Joplin shared, “We want and need many ideas and perspectives in the room. A gathering like this allows everyone to look outside their organization and individual resources to dream about opportunities for our community.”

About One Joplin: 

One Joplin facilitates collaboration and communication among area organizations to identify and meet community needs in Poverty, Human Services, Health, and Literacy. Founded in 2015, One Joplin engages individuals and organizations from every sector to impact community needs.


Nicole Brown, Executive Director
One Joplin

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