BBB Business Tip: How to Make Wellness a Key Part of Your Office Culture

National Wellness Month is officially underway in August, and its arrival offers an opportunity to place a more concentrated emphasis on self-care, stress management and healthy routines, including practices that support mental health. Most individuals spend a majority of their time working, so workplaces can play an important role in helping prioritize mental health at a critical time for many employees.

According to the CDC’s guidance on mental health in the workplace, “the workplace is an optimal setting to create a culture of health.” The very nature of most workplaces is one with a built-in social structure. This allows employers to create programs and policies that focus on positive communication and reinforcing healthy behaviors. The CDC article describes how these efforts can be further supported by providing benefits, tools and access to counseling, hosting seminars and workshops, and creating quiet spaces for team members.

As a business owner, caring about the well-being of your employees demonstrates your integrity, responsiveness and transparency. And most importantly, a focus on well-being benefits both the workforce and the business.

So, how do you maintain an atmosphere that supports and encourages wellness? The Better Business Bureau (BBB) team offers five tips in their latest article here.

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