MO Chamber: Supreme Court Halts Vaccine Mandate

The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked the Biden Administration from mandating COVID-19 vaccinations at businesses with 100 or more employees, while allowing a similar rule for health care facilities to stand.

The Missouri Chamber had strongly pushed back against the Biden Administration’s plan, arguing that employers should continue to have the right to establish vaccine policies for their own businesses.

This is a win for supporters of free enterprise. But meanwhile, some lawmakers in Missouri continue to push anti-business bills that would override employer policies regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

The Missouri Chamber testified against six of these bill during a hearing on Wednesday afternoon. You can watch highlight from the testimony here.

The Missouri Chamber’s position is simple: Let Business Decide.

These bills are a real threat and several additional bills on this topic have been filed and await their own hearings. Legislation similar to this has already passed in several of Missouri’s neighboring states. The Missouri Chamber is leading the fight against these anti-business proposals. The Missouri Chamber believes government should not meddle with the vaccination decisions made by employers.

The Missouri Chamber hopes that you will sign their letter and make your voice heard on this issue. It’s time to stop government overreach and Let Business Decide.

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