Rapha International: Rachana’s Story

Restoring Families, Restoring Hope

After Rachana* experienced sexual trauma and exploitation, she was rescued by local authorities and brought to Rapha International’s aftercare campus. Rachana was in need of physical care and security, individualized therapy, educational support, and legal advocacy. After months of care at Rapha, Rachana began to thrive and excel in her journey of healing. She chose to take part in spiritual mentorship and was eventually baptized!

Rachana recently graduated from the residential aftercare program. She is nineteen years old, and with support from Rapha’s social workers, she is now living independently and sharing an apartment with a few other Rapha graduates. Rachana will graduate high school next year and she has big dreams for her life: to go to medical school and become a doctor!

As Rachana continues her education in the city, Rapha is committed to walking alongside her vulnerable family back in her home village.

Read Rachana’s full story here.

*Note: Survivors’ names are changed for confidentiality and security. 

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