Community Encouraged to Join a City of Joplin Board or Commission

(Joplin, MO) – Interested in helping your community? Serving on a City of Joplin board or commission is a way that citizens can provide input on the policies that shape their government and their city. Board members and commissioners generally serve as unpaid volunteers, but the rewards can be gratifying, including meeting other residents with similar interests, learning about the city, and helping shape the community’s future.

The City has over 20 organizations in which citizens may serve. Each board/commission represents a specific area of City government, and citizens may designate which board(s)/commission(s) they are applying to offer their service. These groups serve in diverse roles, including assessing needs; review of plans and policies; making recommendations to City departments and providing guidance on projects and programs.

Joplin citizens may submit applications to serve anytime during the year. Applicants must be a registered voter of the State of Missouri. Some boards may have specific requirements for its members. The City Council makes appointments to these organizations semi-annually or on an “as needed” basis. A full listing of the boards and commissions is available on the City’s website,

Those interested serving on City Boards and Commissions may apply through the City’s website or by email at For more information, contact the City Clerk’s office at 417-624-0820, ext. 1220 or 1221.

Currently, the City Council is seeking applicants to fill the following board openings:

ADA Accessibility Committee:

Purpose of Board: To advise the City of Joplin on compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Convention and Visitors Bureau Advisory Board:

Purpose of Board: Promotes tourism, conventions, and other related activities.

One seat open for hotel representative; one seat open for attractions representative. 

Historic Preservation Commission: 

Purpose of Board: To provide a vehicle for the preservation of historical buildings and sites within the City; to provide technical assistance to citizens restoring historic or architecturally significant structures, and to render decisions regarding the renovation, rehabilitation, or demolition of designated structures.

Police and Firemen’s Pension Board:

Purpose of Board: To regulate and authorize pension payments and reimbursements; to approve investments and to monitor growth; to recommend changes to the voting members; should they become necessary.

Proposition Action Implementation and Oversight Committee:

A new board being formed following the passage of Proposition Action (Use Tax) during the November 2, 2021 election. This is a three-year term.

Purpose of Committee: To provide guidance with the implementation of the Action Plans adopted by the City Council.

Solid Waste Advisory Commission:

Purpose of Board: To confer and advise the Council and the Administration on all matters concerning procedures or practices that involve the collection, storage, and disposal of solid waste generated within the city limits of Joplin.


Lynn Ontstot, Public Information Officer
City of Joplin
417.624.0820, ext. 1204

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