Covid-19 Booster Vaccination Highlights as of 8/26/2021

Who is eligible now to obtain a booster shot?

The third dose of the Pfizer Bio Tech or Moderna Covid-19 vaccine (also referred to as the booster shot) is currently available for moderately to severely immunocompromised people due to a medical condition or combination of immunosuppressive medication or treatments.

The third dose will be open to the general public later in the Fall 2021.

What information is key to know when your time comes to get a Covid-19 booster shot?

Booster shots are free, just like the first and second doses.

The third shot (booster shot) should be given at least 28 days or more after the second dose.

You will be asked to provide dates of previous shots and it is recommended you take your Covid-19 vaccination card to your third dose appointment.

It is recommended to get the same type of vaccine used in first two doses.

If you got Pfizer, stick to Pfizer; if you got Moderna stick to Moderna. Mixing vaccines should only take place if there is absolutely no other alternative to obtain the same, so just as a last recourse, and if the provider is willing to do so (not all would).

You do not need to use the same provider as previous shots.

Basically, get your booster where most conveniently available.

You can now easily find vaccination sites in your area, which also specify the types of vaccines available at each location (updated daily). The following options can be used for that:

  • Call 1-800-232-0233. This is the National COVID-19 Vaccination Assistance Hotline; provided in English, Spanish, and over 50 other languages. Open 7am to 11am CST- 7
  • Go to and click on “Find COVID-19 vaccines.” Allows you to search by the brand of vaccine (Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson). Put your zip code and set the search radius for providers near you.
  • Text your ZIP code to 438829. You’ll receive a text with locations near you, along with a link to the website and the phone number listed above, as well as an option to request a free ride through Lyft or Uber, and an option to get help with

If you need a ride, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MDHSS) also has some options. On that website, there are agencies both statewide and regional that can help with transportation needs.

If you have been infected with covid-19 (regardless of how many times) after being fully vaccinated, it is recommended you still get your booster shot. At this point, vaccination continue to be the best means to get immunity and stop the spread.

If you were treated for COVID-19 with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma, you should wait 90 days before getting a COVID-19 vaccine. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure.

If you or your child has a history of multisystem inflammatory syndrome in adults or children (MIS-A or MIS-C), consider delaying vaccination until you or your child have recovered from being sick and for 90 days after the date of diagnosis of MIS-A or MIS-C.

Experts are still learning more about how long vaccines protect against COVID-19. Be patient, but remain informed on latest releases to decrease your health risks.

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