Citizens Invited to Third Thursday to Provide Input on Ideas for New City Brand

During the past few months, the City of Joplin has been working to develop new City branding. With the assistance of a graphic design agency, a City work group has been reviewing new concepts, colors, and implementation possibilities.

The City would like the citizens input and invite them to review and comment on the various concepts during the July 15 Third Thursday event. This public session will be held from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm in the main lobby of City Hall, 602 South Main Street. Existing and proposed designs for new City of Joplin branding will be on display for the public to provide comment.

The internal work group will also meet with local leaders from the community on Thursday morning to seek their insight. Marketing personnel from the corporate, industry and community sectors will gather to discuss the various concepts. Several representatives from various divisions involving recruitment, marketing and community story telling have been invited to discuss the ideas presented and how they view them as tools to promote, sell, and convey Joplin’s rich history. The City committee is interested in hearing their feedback as they discuss the unique ways they position Joplin in their work, as part of their messaging that focuses on inviting and attracting people to Joplin.

For more information, contact Patrick Tuttle at 417.625.4791.


Patrick Tuttle, Director
Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau

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