How to Access a Loved One’s Digital Accounts on Apple Devices After Their Passing

Written by Christopher W. Dumm, The Law Office of Christopher W. Dumm

As it has become more and more common to store personal information online, it has likewise become more important to ensure your estate plan provides loved one’s access to your digital devices. In the U.S., the smartphone market is dominated by Apple, which also accounts for a large percentage of laptop and tablet use. In late April 2021, the tech giant released new iPhone software that worries advertisers and underscores the company’s new privacy-focused marketing pitch. Accordingly, there has never been a better occasion to address how you might access a loved one’s Apple accounts after their passing.

Apple’s website asserts that privacy is a fundamental human right and thus does not provide access to their customers’ personal information even in death, except when ordered by a court to do so.

To learn the best approaches to acquiring access to a loved one’s device, click here.

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