Colbert Lawn Service Shares Monthly Tips with Joplin Area Community

For over four decades, Colbert Lawn Service has exceeded customer expectations in Joplin. The company is always happy to share their wisdom and experience to help community members have the best lawns and yards possible. 

Most Joplin homeowners love having a green and gorgeous lawn. Sometimes this can be a bit of a challenge without experience or knowledgeable advice. The good news is that help is available. For over 40 years, Colbert Lawn Service has served the Joplin community, building a remarkably positive reputation.

In exciting news, building off of those winning relationships, the team at Colbert Lawn Service is now sharing monthly tips on how to have the best lawn possible. This month’s piece of advice: Don’t plant grass where it won’t grow. This is a very common mistake that can be extremely frustrating.

“Grasses are full-sun plants with limited abilities to adapt to the shade,” one spokesperson from the company commented. “If you are trying to add green to a shady spot, set yourself up for success with ground covers that will thrive in sun-starved areas instead of futile attempts at getting grass to grow. Consider ajuga, pachysandra, hostas, lamium, or deadnettles for success in the shade.”

In additional news from Colbert Lawn Service, they are currently running a promotion for any new contracted accounts where the team will give a complimentary mowing and edging at the end of the contract term. Contact the company for more details or with any questions, large or small.

Specialties from Colbert include highlights like lawn maintenance, tree planting, beautiful and functional natural fences, landscape design, general gardening, and much more.

Reviews for the company’s services continue to be completely positive check their website for testimonials.

For more information or to get a quote, be sure to visit or call 417.437.7728.


Colbert Lawn Service

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  1. After trying a few other lawn services, I found one that is reliable, efficient, professional and meticulous. Colbert Lawn Service far exceeded my expectations.

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