Member Spotlight: Specialty Risk Insurance

When it comes to protecting what matters, insurance agencies are crucial. Specialty Risk Insurance understands this, and their team strives to maximize their impact while minimizing the risks of their clients. 

“We are a full-service agency specializing in farm construction and commercial insurance,” says Colt Atwood, Commercial Insurance Agent. “Our team lives and works in the industries we insure, so we have become experts in those fields.  

Using this specialized knowledge, agents at Specialty Risk help clients protect themselves and their livelihoods. Their expertise covers a wide range of trades and fields, including agribusiness, construction, trucking, aviation, and much more. They are dedicated to understanding these industries and how they shape the needs of their customers 

This approach helps them connect with clients and fulfill a large part of their mission by prioritizing customer service and establishing relationships with everyone who walks through their doors.  

“We look for long-term partnerships with clients,” explains Atwood. “We do not want to be just another agency.” 

He adds that Specialty Risk’s owner and founder, Kevin Charleston, has worked hard to build an agency that provides added value for their clients. Safety walkthroughs and trainings, OSHA claims management, and human resources help the agency support their customers, strengthening the connections they strive to make. 

“A community cares about each other and they have learned how powerful that can be,” says Atwood. “We have that same culture at Specialty Risk. We are a family, we take care of each other, and this translates to how we do business.” 

Want to learn more about Specialty Risk Insurance? Call them at 417.359.5470 or visit their website. You can also follow them on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn 


Specialty Risk Insurance

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