Membership Spotlight: Enviroteks, LLC

In the midst of a global pandemic, sanitization and best health practices have taken on a new urgency. For many entrepreneurs, this means balancing extra disinfecting procedures with the ongoing needs of their business and customers. Enviroteks, LLC strives to ease this burden.

“It’s our goal to provide a powerful defense against the pandemic,” says Janet Grant, CEO and co-owner. “Enviroteks was formed on the belief that all individuals should be able to assemble and maintain as much normalcy as possible.”

Using electrostatic fogging, Grant and her business partner, Tod Stults, disinfect businesses, homes, and even vehicles. They use an EPA-certified, hospital grade formula that dries quickly, is safe for electronics, and does not leave behind residue, meaning there’s no need to cover objects beforehand or wipe down surfaces afterwards. This provides safe and convenient protection from COVID-19 and the flu, as well as all airborne pathogens, bacteria, and mold.

“In our research, electrostatic fogging is the most effective way to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your business,” explains Grant. “It reduces the risk of cross contamination.”

As natives of the Joplin area, Janet and Tod believe their work comes with two significant goals: keeping their friends and neighbors safe and ensuring that local businesses can stay open during this difficult season. They recognize the importance of maintaining a business’s production when it comes to an organization’s overall success, and if employees become sick, they understand it can put the welfare of that business at risk.

Grant adds that their services are available for businesses of every size from large-scale companies to mom-and-pop shops, and even Über drivers’ cars. And while this area is their home, they are doing their best to branch out into the rest of the Four State region.

“We are a for-profit business, but we are passionate about keeping people safely employed and businesses open so our communities can function as normally as possible,” says Grant. “This is our hometown, and it is important to us to help Joplin, and its surrounding areas, grow in a safer, healthier environment.”

Want to learn more about Enviroteks, LLC?  For more information, call them at 417.850.7504 or visit their Facebook page.


Janet Grant, CEO and Co-Owner
Enviroteks, LLC

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