Priscilla McKinney Is a Woman Who Means Business

As CEO and Momma Bird of Little Bird Marketing in Joplin, Priscila McKinney has positioned herself as a leader in the market research, content marketing and digital marketing industries.

Priscilla McKinney likes to be kept on her toes. She was born in Denver, Colorado, grew up in Spain, attended boarding school in Germany, and moved to California. Her life was never stationary, and it still isn’t to this day. Eventually, she and her husband moved to the Midwest so he could be a stay-at-home dad while she built her three businesses.

Her first was a credit card processing company called Relay for Business, started in 2004. Five years later, she launched Little Bird Marketing, a Joplin-based marketing agency where she is now CEO and Momma Bird. In 2011, she launched Skylark Advertising, an indoor digital billboard network throughout Joplin and northwest Arkansas. Her most notable success comes from Little Bird, which is partly built on the constant movement she experienced in her younger years.

“I think a lot of people think growing up overseas or getting to travel is something that opens your mind and expands the possibility or idea that there is a different perspective, but I think it goes deeper than that,” McKinney says. “I think that it breeds empathy, and I think what’s really important and really great content or marketing is an empathy toward the audience. You can’t just bark orders at people, and you can’t just sit there and drone on about features and benefits and tell people to use your product. You have to understand what their challenges are, what they’re feeling, why they choose the thing they choose.”

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