Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc. Launches New Engineering Blog, AM In the AM

(Joplin, MO) AM In the AM is a new professional engineering blog from Allgeier, Martin and Associates. Our purpose is to educate and inform our clients and business partners. Many of the day-to-day responsibilities of civil and electrical engineers are critical for everyday life.

We will post new information twice a month. We have six posts so far in 2021:

  • January 12: “Challenges to Streambank Stabilization”
  • January 26: “Playing It Safe”
  • February 9: “Hydraulic Models for Drinking Water Systems, Part 1”
  • February 23: “Managing Supercritical Velocities with Plunge Pools and Volkswagens”
  • March 9: “How Water Models are Created, Part 2”
  • March 23: “Threading the 69kV to 161kV Needle”

Upcoming posts will cover topics such as hydraulic modeling for fish passage and kayak safety, investigating high water marks for flood research, vibratory caissons for 69kV poles, retention or detention ponds, and more.

If you have a topic on which you would like us to write, just let us know. We wish to provide what is most helpful to our readers! The blog may be viewed here.


Gabe Lett, Senior Marketing Specialist
Allgeier, Martin, and Associates, Inc.

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