Colbert Lawn Service’s Winning Tips for April 2022

For over four decades, Colbert Lawn Service has exceeded customer expectations in Joplin. The company is always happy to share their wisdom and experience to help community members have the best lawns and yards possible. And now, they are offering winter season tips!

Most Joplin homeowners love having a green and gorgeous lawn. Sometimes this can be a bit of a challenge without experience or knowledgeable advice. The good news is that help is available. For over 40 years, Colbert Lawn Service has served the Joplin community, building a remarkably positive reputation.

In exciting news, building off of those winning relationships, the team at Colbert Lawn Service is now sharing monthly tips on how to have the best lawn possible.

This month’s advice: once spring arrives, some of us will be looking to mow the lawn and start getting ready for the first grass cut of the year. To start off the season, let’s talk about safety.

  • Check to see what is hiding in the garden; the likes of stones and thick branches may have made their way into the overgrown lawn and if the lawnmower catches these, it can damage the mower blade. Keeping the mower blade sharp is vital as the damage a dull blade can cause could be detrimental to the grass.
  • Mowing the yard requires concentration. To avoid unnecessary accidents, don’t mow the lawn when you’re tired.
  • Always wear protective clothing when mowing the lawn. Cover your legs, arms, and eyes, as a safety precaution against a possible projectile flying out of the chute.
  • Protect your ears against the noise level. A lawn mower may reach a noise level of 90 decibels. Prolonged exposure to noise levels higher than 85 decibels may cause hearing loss.
  • Make sure the electric cord is behind you when mowing with an electric lawn mower. Never mow on moist or wet grass with an electric mower.
  • Do not let children or animals around you while you are performing your yard duties. Also, do not let children ride along with you if you have a riding mower.
  • Make all height adjustments to the mower while it is off.
  • Make sure you clean off the top of your mower. If grass accumulates on top and you continue to mow, the engine heat could ignite a fire.
  • To avoid slipping, don’t mow the grass when it’s wet. Also, you won’t get a good cut with wet grass.
  • Turn off the lawn mower before you gas it back up.
  • If an injury occurs, stop mowing and treat the injury. If professional help is needed to treat the injury, call 911 or go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Specialties from Colbert include highlights like lawn maintenance, tree planting, beautiful and functional natural fences, landscape design, general gardening, and much more.

Reviews for the company’s services continue to be completely positive — check their website for testimonials.

For more information or to get a quote, be sure to visit or call 417.437.7728.


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