Membership Spotlight: Angel Clean

For over 20 years, Angel Clean has been helping area residents by purifying the air in local homes and businesses as well as providing fire and water damage restoration. As a family owned and operated business with roots in the region, helping others is their ultimate goal.

“Like other local businesses, we love our home, and we want to take care of the people around us,” says Benjamin Graham, owner.

Graham is experienced and certified, and his team offers 24/7 emergency service calls. With industry standard equipment, they can inspect for and remove mold, conduct water and fire restoration, clean air ducts, and remediate odors after fires. These services contribute to the overall air quality of a building and can directly impact the occupants’ health. For this reason, Graham says they strive for quality and customer satisfaction in every job they do.

“We take pride in our neighbors’ health and wellbeing as well as doing the job right,” he explains.

A desire to help their neighbors also compels the team at Angel Clean to annually donate at least three large service jobs to organizations in need, including local churches and gyms.

“There’s gratification in doing a service for someone near you, helping their living situation or even their health,” concludes Graham.

Want to learn more about Angel Clean? Find them on Facebook, check out their website, or call them at 417.206.8787.

Ben Graham, Owner
Angel Clean

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