Joplin Health Department Passes Audit on Vaccines for Children Program

Image Credit: Joplin City Health Department

The Joplin Health Department passed an audit of the Center for Disease Control’s Vaccines for Children Program (VFC), which is conducted by the Missouri Immunization Program.

During the visit, staff and processes are reviewed to ensure full compliance is being met according to the program’s standards. Various categories of the review include all VCF providers:

  • Have a full understanding and adherence to the vaccine eligibility criteria related to age and qualifying insurance for the program.
  • Adhere to the billing practices for vaccine administration.
  • Screen for and document eligibility at each immunization visit.
  • Maintain immunization records to include all detailed elements of the program.
  • Maintain compliance with all specific policies and procedures.
  • Retain and implement a Vaccine Management Plan for routine and emergency vaccines related to supply, storage, handling, disposal, and documentation of vaccines, and hold appropriate inventory for the recent provider program.

“Vaccinations are among the most effective tools in our public health toolbox,” said Ryan Talken, Director of Joplin’s Health Department. “Vaccines have greatly reduced diseases, and in some cases, eliminated instances of certain diseases.”

The Medical Division of the Health Department manages the Vaccine For Children.

“Misty Hammer is the Coordinator of this division, and we appreciate her commitment to the program as well as her staff. They are all dedicated to working with and in our community to educate the public about the importance of vaccinations and ensuring that the program is accessible.”

Joplin Health nurses work with businesses, schools, and other locations throughout the year to offer vaccinations in convenient locations to those seeking them. They also lead numerous vaccination clinics as parents prepare for school enrollment.

For more information about the Joplin Health Department’s Vaccination for Children Program, call 417.623.6122, ext. 1289.


Joplin Health Department
417.623.6122, ext. 1256

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