Member Spotlight: Beyond

The behind-the-scenes operations of a small business are complicated. Overseeing payment processing, payroll, employee management, and other responsibilities can become overwhelming and time consuming. That’s where the business solutions company Beyond aims to help.

“We streamline business solutions and simplify all your business office tasks so you can focus on providing your services,” explains Brad Withrow, Business Solution Advocate.

With a wide selection of tools and services, Beyond makes tasks like hiring and inventory management easier and more efficient. Withrow says this can help existing businesses that may be unsatisfied with their current processes as well as new startups that may be struggling to establish an initial, internal system.

“My role extends beyond my title of Business Advocate,” he explains. “I love to help new businesses and current businesses struggling to understand their fees and setup and, in general, any business that doesn’t love their current situation.”

And while it is a large organization, their overall goal of serving individuals, businesses, and communities remains the same.

“Even though Beyond is nationwide, with us, you have a name. You aren’t just a number,” says Withrow.

He believes this ideal is reflected in their community-level engagement and their Chip-In and Give Something Back programs. Chip-In gives portions of purchases made at local small businesses back to community nonprofits while the Give Something Back program helps provide scholarships for students at local universities, including Pittsburg State University.

“It’s exciting to know that one of the universities benefitting from this is in our backyard,” adds Withrow. “Joplin is my hometown; it’s where I grew up and raised my family. Having those connections makes it special to know that I’m impacting our community in a positive way.”

Connect with Brad here.

Learn more about Beyond at, and get involved with their Chip-In program by visiting

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