COVID-19 Missouri Economy Indicators

Online Job Postings

The newest issue of the Missouri Economy Indicators is now available. Issue 13 explores how online job postings in Missouri have changed overtime in response to COVID-19. Access the brief here or view our full Missouri Economy Indicators page with links to past issues:

New online job postings in Missouri are rising, but are not yet back to their pre-pandemic levels. In the week ending Sept. 5, 2020, Missouri had 13,350 new job postings—down roughly 13% from mid-February. These trends are consistent throughout the state, as trends in job postings were similar in the St. Louis and Kansas City metro areas and the balance of the state. Learn more about how the pandemic has affected different Missouri industries such as trucking transportation and restaurants and bars by reading the latest Missouri Economy Indicators brief:

Maria E. Rodriguez-Alcalá, PhD
County Engagement Specialist |Community Economic Development Specialist
University of Missouri Extension – Jasper County

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