Governor Parson Signs HB 2046 Expanding Licensing Reciprocity in Missouri

Image Credit: Missouri Governor's Office of Communications

(Jefferson City, MO) – On June 6, 2020, Governor Mike Parson signed HB 2046 expanding license reciprocity provisions in the state of Missouri.

“We greatly appreciate the committed effort and leadership of Representative Derek Grier in addressing this important issue. I also want to thank Senator Mike Bernskoetter and Senator Andrew Koenig for their contributions to this piece of legislation,” Governor Parson said. “By expanding license reciprocity, HB 2046 will eliminate governmental barriers to employment and allow citizens to become licensed faster when moving or needing to find work in Missouri. This will not only help fill critical jobs in our economy but also highlight Missouri as an ideal state to live and work.”

Currently in Missouri, license reciprocity is only allowed if the license held is from a state with substantially similar or greater requirements for licensure. HB 2046 changes this requirement to a minimum educational standard. The legislation also removes exemptions for health care professions, engineers, land surveyors, and other professions that currently have separate license reciprocity standards.

Additionally, HB 2046 removes the requirement that only Missouri residents are eligible for license reciprocity. Specifically, the bill expands reciprocity to any individual holding a current, valid license who has been licensed for at least one year at the same practice level as Missouri in any profession regulated by a state board, department, or office of a jurisdiction.

On top of these provisions, HB 2046 establishes the Fresh Start Act and Expanded Workforce Act. The Fresh Start Act bans occupational licensing boards from denying individuals a license strictly due to their criminal history, unless the individual has committed a crime directly related to the occupation or a crime that is violent or sexual in nature.

The Expanded Workforce Act creates a pathway to occupational licensure through apprenticeship for any occupational license regulated by the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance.

To view HB 2046, click here.


Kelli R. Jones, Communications Director
Missouri Governor’s Office of Communications

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