Rapha International: What is Sustainable Freedom?

Sustainable freedom is the ultimate goal for every child served by Rapha International.

Finding long-lasting and durable freedom requires education, skill building, and community reintegration. Survivors are empowered and equipped to provide for themselves and their families which decreases their vulnerability to exploitation and trafficking.

Sustainable freedom requires a safety net — a community that protects the vulnerable and has been educated on the dangers of human trafficking.

Education is Freedom

Children at Rapha International receive a formal education, either off-site at a public or private school or on-site with the Rapha teaching staff. All of the children benefit from computer classes, agriculture classes, and classes on life and social skills provided by Rapha staff.

Training is Freedom

Girls at Rapha are offered career training and work-study opportunities. Sewing classes are provided for survivors in Cambodia and Thailand to prepare them for jobs in Southeast Asia’s extensive textile industry.

Community Engagement is Freedom

Sustainable, long-lasting freedom can only be found outside of Rapha’s walls when survivors return to their families and communities. Every survivor’s experience is tailored to her strengths, needs, and goals. Survivors are encouraged to explore their skills and aspirations and then choose a reintegration track accordingly. Rapha continues to serve survivors through diverse reintegration programs, including support for family resilience, education, and small business management.

Rapha International helps children to find freedom and to stay free, connecting them with a community that cares about them. Each girl is given the freedom to dream about her future and decide who she wants to be.

Learn more about Rapha’s mission and how you can help support them here.

About Rapha International:

The mission of Rapha International is to end the trafficking, exploitation, and abuse of children, one child at a time, through aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and engagement for everyone.


Rapha International

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