BBB Business Tip: Celebrating Small Business Week

Businesses nationwide have faced unprecedented challenges in the last three years. Now that we are post-pandemic, office life has become work-from-home with the kids, pets, and spouses. Video conferences and cell phone screens became the window to the outdoor world and the connections between employer/employee.

However, the doors are swinging back open for business. Small Business Week in early May highlights local business owners; many of them are being hailed as heroes for surviving this unprecedented time. They’ve carried on by supporting their community through acts of kindness, connecting with regular customers, or developing creative ways to keep their staff employed.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Small Business Administration (SBA) celebrate small business owners’ perseverance, strength, and optimism. This week is also an ideal time to build on many people’s trust in small businesses in their community. The BBB has several ideas on how to celebrate Small Business Week in a new article here.

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