Connect2Culture Presents The Concert Truck on May 15–19, 2024

Connect2Culture is revisiting its nomadic performing arts roots (before it came home to the Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex) by bringing The Concert Truck to Joplin for seven special performances held throughout the community from May 15 through 19. This 16-foot box truck transforms into the ultimate mobile concert hall, inviting audiences to experience firsthand how music can bring communities together in extraordinary ways.

You can catch The Concert Truck on the following dates:

Wednesday, May 15

Thursday, May 16

  • 6:30 pm – Third Thursday (4th and Main Streets)

Friday, May 17

  • 10:00 am – Mercy Park Pavilion

Saturday, May 18

Sunday, May

Teaching artists Susan Zhang and Gabrielle Chou, will play both piano four hands and violin/piano duos throughout their time in Joplin. Their performances in this traveling music venue will strengthen the Joplin community by redefining the concert experience and making live music accessible to everyone. Tickets are free and no reservations are required!

“What a great way to keep the music going as we end our 23–24 performance season,” says Emily Frankoski, Executive Director of C2C. “Although we are very happily at home presenting performances at the Cornell Complex, we still like taking the music out into the community to share our passion for the arts and hopefully ignite that same passion in others.”

Learn more about The Concert Truck and the performers who will be onboard here.

About Connect2Culture:

Connect2Culture (C2C) is a not-for-profit arts organization founded in 2009 to enhance community through culture. Unlike any organization in the Joplin area, C2C is a respected community arts agency, a champion of the Harry M. Cornell Arts & Entertainment Complex, and a performing arts presenter. C2C strives to expand audience and resources needed to “ignite a passion for the arts, culture, and entertainment” in the Joplin area.


Emily Frankoski, Executive Director

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