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Dive into The Purple Guys‘ monthly newsletter to learn more about the realm of cybersecurity as they shine a light on the intriguing subject of social engineering. Explore the significance of human behavior in cybersecurity and discover ways to identify and avert potential risks below.

The Human Element in Social Engineering: Five Ways to Recognize Red Flags and Five Steps to Avoid Becoming a Victim

When it comes to cybersecurity, we often focus on the technical aspects like firewalls, encryption, and antivirus software. However, one crucial element often overlooked is human behavior. Cybercriminals have long recognized that humans can be the weakest link in the security chain, and they exploit this vulnerability through a tactic called social engineering.

Social engineering involves manipulating people into divulging sensitive information or performing actions that may compromise security. These cyber tricksters are masters of disguise, using psychological techniques to exploit human trust, curiosity, fear, or greed. They may impersonate a trusted colleague, a service provider, or even a family member to deceive unsuspecting victims.

Learn how you can avoid falling for these scams here.

Massive AT&T Outage Leaves Customers Without Cell Services

On Thursday February 22, 2024, AT&T experienced a massive outage which affected tens of thousands of customers and causing disruptions in wireless cellphone service. During the peak between 8:00 am to 9:00 am ET, over 70,000 AT&T customers reported outages, according to the Downdetector tracking site.

With no immediate clarification from the telecommunication company, people nationwide were left pondering the cause of the outage. Online rumors speculated various causes, from solar flares to cyber-attacks. However, a confidential memo stated that federal officials found “no signs of malicious activity,” according to the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

The outage’s likely cause appeared to be a human error, specifically, coding mistakes during network expansion. AT&T confirmed on their website that service had been fully restored to all customers after the nationwide outage. The company expressed regrets and assured customers that steps were being taken to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Read more about the suspected cause(s) of this outage here.

The Purple Guys Strategic Expansion with Two New Acquisitions: Salvus TG and MBS Secure

The Purple Guys, a leading provider of managed IT services, is happy to announce the acquisition of MBS Secure and Salvus TG, two well-established managed service providers (MSPs). These recent acquisitions reinforce the company’s presence in Kansas City and Texas while expanding its areas of industry-focused expertise.

Find out more about this expansion here.

Expertise Highlight: Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disasters can strike at the most unexpected of times and if one struck now, would your business be prepared? Do you have a plan to recover the potential loss of your valuable data? At The Purple Guys, we partner with industry leaders to provide the best Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions for you.

The Purple Guys offers best-in-class backup technology to transfer your files to a secure offsite storage. Your data is replicated and restorable within a moment’s notice, allowing you to significantly minimize downtime and get back to business quickly.

Learn how to protect yourself and your data here.

The Purple Guys Are Here to Help

The Purple Guys take pride in being your trusted Managed IT and Security Service Provider and are dedicated to keeping your business secure. Their team specializes in security planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management to ensure a smooth IT experience. They don’t just react to threats — their proactive approach involves round-the-clock monitoring to detect any suspicious activity in real-time, thereby preventing data loss or exposure. Consider exploring one of their enhanced service plans to take your IT security to the next level!

Find out more about their services here.

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