Joplin High School Band Boosters Seeking Sponsors

The Joplin High School Band is growing and needs your help!

Music education is an important component of education for many reasons. By promoting music programs, the Joplin High School Band Boosters are providing a learning mechanism that will push students to do better in their education as a whole as well as promoting a passion for the arts. Music programs have also been proven to improve academic performance, attendance, and social skills. The Band Boosters hope to create better students and better members of our future working community by giving them the best opportunity possible while attending Joplin High School.

At this time, the Band Boosters are looking for sponsors to help drive this program to the next level. As a sponsor, you will help students attend band camp during the summer, attend marching competitions in the fall, perform at football and basketball games, compete at district and state levels for multiple competitions, and aid with instrument repair and replacement needs. These sponsorships provide for students who may not otherwise have access to funds necessary to accomplish all that this program has to offer.

The Band Boosters cannot do this alone. They need your help and support to allow this program to not only survive, but thrive. At this time, they are asking for monetary donations to provide the necessary assets to allow their initiatives to move forward.

As a thank you, sponsor names will be posted on a banner at each competition the band attends and all sponsors will be invited to the band’s holiday concert this coming year.

Please let the Band Boosters know how you can help provide Joplin High School’s music program with the funds needed at this time. The Band Boosters appreciate all of the local businesses and the support that you provide to our community! None of this would be possible without you.

Payments can be made via check and mailed to P.O. Box 3303, Joplin, MO 64803 or online. Tax receipts will be mailed or emailed accordingly.


Kelly Wheeler
Joplin High School Band Boosters

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