Protect the Cake Launches in Joplin

(Joplin, MO)STORM Cloud Marketing and TikTok content creator Dusty Thunder are teaming up to launch Mission: Protect the Cake. This initiative aims to ensure that no child in Joplin goes without a birthday cake due to unfortunate circumstances.

Inspired by stories of children missing out on birthday cakes, Dusty Thunder and STORM Cloud Marketing have created cake kits that include everything needed to make a birthday cake, right down to the pan. Through meticulous recipe testing, they have developed a cake mix that requires no additional ingredients and doesn’t need refrigeration. Each kit, priced at approximately $8, contains a cake mix, icing, birthday candles, a 4 oz. container of applesauce (replacing oil), a can of carbonated water (replacing eggs), and the baking pan.

To support this meaningful cause, donations can be made during the LIVE Mission: Protect the Cake events or here. STORM Cloud Marketing plans to distribute these cake kits to local organizations in the southwest Missouri area that assist children and families in need. They also have plans to expand the initiative to a wider geographic area through an Ambassador program, enabling people to launch their own Missions in their hometowns.

The official launch of Mission: Protect the Cake took place on Wednesday, November 22, with a TikTok LIVE stream. The response from the community has been overwhelming, surpassing the initial goal of 100 cake kits. As of now, nearly 200 kits have been funded, and donations continue to pour in. STORM Cloud Marketing and Dusty Thunder are committed to sustaining this effort to make a difference in the lives of children.

Local Joplin area organizations that support underserved populations are encouraged to reach out to to inquire about receiving cake kits. Organizations interested in making material or monetary donations to Mission: Protect the Cake can also contact


Dustin Storm, Owner
STORM Cloud Marketing

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