Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce and Missouri Southern State University Announce Tomorrow’s Leaders Today Class of 2024

(Joplin, MO) – Congratulations to the Tomorrow’s Leaders Today (TLT) Class of 2024! 

The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce that 44 high-school students will be joining this leadership program from area schools, including Joplin High School, Carl Junction High School, Carthage High School, Webb City High School, College Heights Christian School, and Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School. They will kick off the program with a retreat on Tuesday, November 7.  

Introducing the TLT Class of 2024:  

  • Sophia Crane, Webb City High School 
  • Ricardo Hernandez, Webb City High School 
  • Eden Pagan, Webb City High School 
  • Allison Ding, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
  • Beck McKinney, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
  • Prithvi Nagarajan, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
  • Mary Nguyen, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
  • Chengle Qian, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
  • Nayab Rehman, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School 
  • Anna Barnhart, Joplin High School 
  • Alexandra Carson, Joplin High School 
  • Claire Jasper, Joplin High School 
  • Alissa Kean, Joplin High School 
  • Allie Keizer, Joplin High School 
  • Emily Lynch, Joplin High School 
  • Emma Marshall, Joplin High School 
  • Megan Meeker, Joplin High School 
  • Angela Nguyen, Joplin High School 
  • Angelica Rodriguez, Joplin High School 
  • Ella Schwab, Joplin High School 
  • Ella Bishop, College Heights Christian School  
  • Madison Carson, College Heights Christian School 
  • Maddy Colin, College Heights Christian School 
  • Colsen Dickens, College Heights Christian School 
  • Sophia Moore, College Heights Christian School 
  • Katherine Moss, College Heights Christian School 
  • Jeanna Smathers, College Heights Christian School 
  • Matthew Williams, College Heights Christian School 
  • Kallie Cloud, Carthage High School 
  • Kiley Freeman, Carthage High School 
  • Carson Hicklin, Carthage High School 
  • Mallory Roderick, Carthage High School 
  • Jack Ryder, Carthage High School 
  • Acadia Badgley, Carl Junction High School 
  • Jenna Besparat, Carl Junction High School 
  • Anna Burch, Carl Junction High School 
  • Addison Carroll, Carl Junction High School 
  • Breckyn Neria, Carl Junction High School 
  • Madison Petter, Carl Junction High School 
  • Letzy Poroj, Carl Junction High School 
  • Emily Rice, Carl Junction High School 
  • Quinn Vogel, Carl Junction High School 
  • Tommy Walker, Carl Junction High School 
  • Abigail Wilson, Carl Junction High School  

TLT is a youth leadership program that provides high-school seniors from local schools with the opportunity to learn more about the area and understand the importance of community service to our future. Participants interact with business and community leaders to identify and discuss local issues, leadership, and career opportunities. Five out-of-school sessions take place from November through March concluding with an evening graduation.  

Congratulations to the students of the TLT Class of 2024, and thank you to our TLT sponsor, Missouri Southern State University 


Erin Slifka, Director of Marketing & Communications
Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce

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