BBB Business Tip: Avoiding Voicemail Hacking Scams

Impersonation has always been a common and effective tactic used by scammers. If a hacker can compromise a company’s voicemail system, they can follow up with customer inquiries (and request payment and personal information) without the business ever knowing.

How Does the Scam Work?

You contact a business through their verified phone number and leave a voicemail request for work to be completed, along with your contact information. A short while later, you receive a follow-up text message, supposedly from the business, requesting additional project details and a deposit through an untraceable payment method.

Upon issuing payment, another request for money is made to “finalize the paperwork.” When you call the company for further discussion and speak to an actual representative, you discover the company’s voicemail was hacked, and all of your previous correspondence and payment went to a scammer.

So, how do you prevent yourself from becoming a target of one of these schemes? The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has steps that you can take as a consumer and business owner to avoid falling for voicemail hacking scams here.

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