Gallery.Downtown to Celebrate Dedication of HeartJoplin Art Collection by Local Artist Eric Haun

(Joplin, MO) – Gallery.downtown is thrilled to announce the dedication of the HeartJoplin collection, a stunning series of artwork created by local artist Eric Haun.

These captivating five-foot-by-five-foot heart-shaped murals, each containing the word “Joplin,” adorn the buildings of various local businesses throughout the city. The HeartJoplin project, born out of a grassroots initiative, aims to foster a strong sense of community pride in Joplin.

Eric Haun, an emerging figure in Joplin’s art scene, made his mark in 2020 with his exceptional talent and unique style. Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback he received from the community, eh embarked on the HeartJoplin project in 2021, which has since gained remarkable momentum and continues to inspire and uplift residents and visitors alike.

The dedication ceremony for the HeartJoplin collection will take place at the Downtown Joplin Art Wall, located at 6th and Main, on Thursday, July 20 at 5:00 pm. This special event coincides with the start this month’s Third Thursday, adding an extra layer of excitement and celebration to the occasion.

“We are proud to showcase the extraordinary talents of Eric Haun and his HeartJoplin collection,” said Gallery.downtown Manager, Phil Whitehill. “These vibrant murals beautifully capture the spirit of our city and serve as a visual representation of teh unity and pride that Joplin residents share. We invite everyone to join us at the dedication ceremony to witness the impact of Eric’s art on our community.”

The HeartJoplin dedication ceremony will feature remarks from local dignitaries, including City of Joplin officials and representatives from Gallery.downtown. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear directly from Eric Haun about his artistic journey and the inspiration behind the HeartJoplin project. The event will also provide a platform for community members to come together and celebrate the vibrant cultural landscape of Joplin.

For more information about the HeartJoplin collection and upcoming events, please click here.


Paul Whitehill, Manager

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