Rapha International: Starting a Conversation About Child Trafficking

Rapha International’s mission depends upon people becoming aware of the trafficking and abuse of children, and then becoming compelled to do something to protect them. The team at Rapha is grateful that the newly released film, The Sound of Freedom, is starting a conversation about the injustice of child sex trafficking. The conversation is the first step.

In Rapha’s experience, there are two additional steps that lead people to become committed advocates for children around the world:

  1. A deeper understanding of human trafficking.
  2. A practical way to get involved.

If you’ve recently seen the film and want to take action, Rapha International encourages you to read their in-depth article here.

It takes a global community to combat the global problem of child sex trafficking. Rapha is so grateful that The Sound of Freedom is sparking conversations around the issue, and that so many people are responding by looking for ways to get involved and make an impact. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the film, Rapha’s statement, or their work, please feel free to contact them at freedom@rapha.org with the subject line “The Sound of Freedom.”

About Rapha International:

The mission of Rapha International is to end the trafficking, exploitation, and abuse of children, one child at a time, through aftercare for survivors, prevention for the vulnerable, and engagement for everyone.


Rapha International

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