BBB Business Tip: Five Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Modern Website to Grow

For anyone running a business, having a modern website should be a top priority, especially when you consider that, according to Blue Corona, between 70-80% of people research a company online before making a purchase. Another survey found “30% of consumers saying they won’t patronize an establishment that doesn’t have a website.” With statistics like these, there’s no excuse for not having a small business website that goes beyond being just a place for your contact information.

Customers’ first impression is a big deal when they find a business online. The design elements of a site have a lot to do with how often users drop in. You want to invite them into your “shop” to check out your products and/or services.

More importantly, your site is a stepping stone to greater success. Many business owners recognize this and have used their website to attract customers, communicate and build relationships with them, and ultimately, do business with them.

Find out how your website influences your potential customers in a new article from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) team here.

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