BBB Business Tip: Optimize Your BBB Business Profile to Maximize Your Digital Presence

As a business owner, you want to maximize your business’s digital presence in every way you can.

Your Better Business Bureau (BBB) Business Profile is where potential clients see your BBB letter grade, BBB Accreditation status, customer reviews, pictures of your work, videos for your business, brands you sell, and so on.

Not only does your BBB Business Profile help your company showcase your brand as being reputable and trustworthy, but for Accredited Businesses, potential clients and customers can contact you directly from your page to request a quote for products or services.

For clients to see your Business Profile, they need to find it. Showing up in the first few pages of search engine results is great. But showing up in multiple places of search engine results? Even better.

So, how can you optimize your digital presence with your BBB profile? Find out here.

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