Crowder College and CFI Celebrate Apprenticeships

(Joplin, MO) – In November 2021, St. Charles Community College (SCC) and Crowder College (CC) partnered under the MoAMP 2019 Grant to offer training dollars for employers and apprentices to receive training through CC’s registered trucking driver apprenticeship. One company to take advantage of the training dollars was CFI, whose headquarters is in Joplin, MO. CFI has been in Joplin for nearly 70 years, with over 2,000 trucks on the road and several locations across North America.

SCC is part of a larger consortium of Missouri community colleges that applied for and received a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), “Missouri Apprenticeships in Manufacturing Programs” a.k.a the “MoAMP Grant 2019.” The MoAMP grant provided training dollars for employers and apprentices. At the time of the grant, SCC did not have a registered apprenticeship for truck drivers. CC has successfully operated a registered apprenticeship for truck drivers since 2017, so the partnership was created. SCC is located on the Northside side of the State, and CC is located in the Southwest corner of the State. This is the perfect example of two Missouri community colleges working together to deliver training across Missouri.

CFI has been a CC’s Transport Training program partner for over 30 years. Each year CC trains over 300 drivers for CFI. During CC’s participation in the MoAMP 2019 Grant, CC trained 100 apprentices for CFI through the grant program. Of those 100 apprentices, 8 were military veterans, 60 had been previously unemployed, 15 were long-term unemployed, 45 were underemployed or low-income. These graduates received over 300 industry-recognized credentials and a minimum of 6 hours of college credit.

“Through this unique partnership, we have provided opportunities for students to compete for jobs with advancement and growth opportunities,” stated Kathy Parker-Collier, CC Grants Director/Apprenticeship Coordinator. “SCC, CC, and CFI’s partnership produces employees ready to enter a high-demand profession, make a good living, and contribute to our local communities.”

“CFI is honored to be a partner with Crowder College to provide individuals opportunities that they may otherwise not have. This apprenticeship program is a testament to how far a person can go with grit, honesty, and focus. The trucking industry is central to keeping goods on shelves, and the economy moving forward. Programs like this help educate folks that being a professional driver can truly be a career for many people and one that is increasingly more vital.”

“We’re proud to be a part of this consortium with Crowder College and CFI to help these employees complete their DOL Apprenticeship and further their truck driving career goals,” said Amanda Sizemore, Assistant Vice President, Workforce, Technical and Community Education at St. Charles Community College. SCC and CC are helping CFI provide careers for our more vulnerable populations across Missouri and nationwide.


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