Showcase Your Skills at the Joplin Metro Corporate Challenge

(Joplin, MO) – The Joplin Metro Corporate Challenge (JMCC) is an Olympic-style charitable event in which companies compete in various physical and recreational events. The event starts with a kick-off party and spirit week, followed by the games and ending with a closing celebration.

The search for sponsors has begun and registration is open now. The Games start in May and end in July. Events include a 5K, bowling, pickleball, volleyball, dodge ball, walk, basketball, cornhole, softball, kickball, a scavenger hunt, slim down challenge, and e-sports tournament.

Cavanaugh Studyvin, Executive Director for the Carl Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, said, “The Joplin Metro Corporate Challenge will be a fantastic opportunity to bring together businesses in the region through friendly competition and networking opportunities for everyone involved. An added bonus is that it will benefit two great organizations that do so much for our community.”

Your company is invited to participate in this year’s event! Please consider participating in the challenge or becoming a sponsor. Your participation and/or sponsorship will allow us to successfully present the Games and help improve our community’s physical and mental health.

Who Benefits?

Aside from the personal benefits to everyone involved, the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri and SET Ranch & Prosperity Club, local charitable organizations, will benefit financially.

Who Governs the JMCC?

Employees from companies in the Joplin metro area make up the volunteer Steering Committee that governs the Games. These members are not permitted to participate as athletes while serving on the Committee. They have the knowledge to provide valuable input from the companies’ perspective, making the Games the best they can be.

Why Should I Participate?

Employee Morale: JMCC allow employees to build relationships and teamwork outside of the workplace and in parts of an organization where it may not have been done otherwise. Participants are extremely proud of their team and their employer!

Diverse Opportunities: We offer something for everyone! Recreational activities such as cornhole and a scavenger hunt are represented, as well as competitive athletic events such as softball, volleyball, and running.

Networking: Many companies meet new colleagues and new customers through HMCC events!

Civic-Minded Employees: JMCC supports two local charities. Participants tend to be very generous in volunteering, carpooling, and many other things that strengthen our community.

Healthy Lifestyles: We’ve seen it work in other cities! Many employees will begin to train year-round for JMCC. Some have stopped smoking or become more fit. In most cases, employees are happier and healthier, improving both their physical and mental health. Not only does this benefit them, but your employee benefit costs are aided by having a healthier workforce!

How Can I Participate?

Sign up to compete using the 2023 registration form. If you’d like to be a sponsor of the event, check out the sponsorship levels and benefits here. If you are interested in sponsoring the Games, contact Serita Eldridge at

How Can I Learn More?

Up-to-date information will be available on Facebook, Joplin Metro Corporate Challenge, and the website


Serita Eldridge, Program Coordinator
Joplin Metro Corporate Challenge


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