Wisper Internet is Connecting Joplin

Wisper ISP, Inc., an Illinois-based wireless internet service provider, will offer cutting-edge wireless technology to serve more than 390 households in the Joplin community with up to 400 MBPS speeds and greater line-of-site wireless penetration.

This expansion is part of Wisper’s commitment to providing wireless internet service to rural communities in six states as part of the Connect America Fund (CAF), with an investment of over $2.7 million focused on broadband in Jasper County.

Wisper has partnered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for their Lifeline Program and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Based on Wisper’s research, more than 62 percent of families with students in the Joplin School District are eligible for the ACP program, which offers monthly service discounts of up to $30 and credit for eligible device purchases. Those who are approved for the benefit can contact Wisper and provide their ACP approval letter. Customers can sign up at affordableconnectivity.gov.

Wisper Internet utilizes fixed wireless technology by mounting a receiver onto an elevated structure, such as a communications or water tower, grain elevator or cell tower to connect customers. Customers receive the signal through a small dish outside their home, which transmits it to their router, enabling them to connect to all their devices.

For further information on this service expansion, the new wireless system, or to verify service eligibility, interested parties can contact the Wisper Sales Team at 800.765.7772 or sales@wisperisp.com. Or visit wisperisp.com.

About Wisper Internet: 

Wisper Internet is celebrating 20 years in service, currently has over 200 employees and 20,000 subscribers across Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.


Monte Miller, Public Relations & Advocacy Specialist
Wisper Internet
618.206.4190, ext. 1169

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